Location: 32-155 (32 is the building number for the Stata Center)
A link to the MIT campus map can be found here.

0910-1030Session 1: Planning
0910-0930: Talk 1.1: Maxim Likhachev
Model-based Planning with Learning from Experience
 and Demonstrations
0930-0950: Talk 1.2: Marco Pavone
How Should a Robot Assess Risk?
 Towards an Axiomatic Theory of Risk in Robotics
0950-1010: Talk 1.3: Anirudha Majumdar
Risk-sensitive Inverse Reinforcement Learning
  for Predicting and Influencing Human Behavior
1010-1030: Discussion
1050-1230Session 2: HRI
1050-1110: Talk 2.1: Oliver Kroemer
Handling Mistakes in Manipulation Tasks
1110-1130: Talk 2.2: Siddhartha Srinivasa
Building Resilient Robots With and Around People
1130-1150: Talk 2.3: Sergey Levine
Safety and Flexibility in Deep Robotic Learning
1150-1210: Talk 2.4: Brenna Argall
Resilient Autonomy for Dynamic Human Assistance
1210-1230: Discussion
1350-1510Panel: Nathan Michael, Fabio Ramos, Ingmar Posner
1530-1630Session 3: Perception/Control
1530-1550: Talk 3.1: Luca Carlone
Resilient Perception: Models, Challenges, and Guarantees
1550-1610: Talk 3.2: Byron Boots
Resilient High-Speed Autonomous Driving
1610-1630: Discussion